Precautions for installation of waterproof cable glands

Choose the appropriate joint material according to the model and specification of the cable joint.



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DATE POSTED:2022/03/24

1) Choose the appropriate joint material according to the model and specification of the cable joint. Nowadays, the quality of the cable joint material is also uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of the cable joint, it is recommended not to be cheap, and it is best to choose the material of the cable joint manufacturer with reliable quality.

2) It is best not to choose rainy days when the cable is connected, because the water entering the cable will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and even a short circuit accident will occur in serious cases.

3) Be sure to read the manufacturer's product manual carefully before making the cable waterproof connector. This is especially important for cables of 10kV and above. Before doing it, think about all the processes before doing it.

4) For the terminal connectors of single-core armored cables above 10kV, remember that only one end of the steel tape can be grounded.

5) The copper tube should not be pressed too hard, as long as it is crimped in place, the copper end surface after crimping is bound to have many raised points, which must be flattened with a file without leaving any burrs.

6) When using the blowtorch for the heat shrinkable cable joint, pay attention to the blowtorch moving back and forth, and not just keep blowing the torch in one direction.

7) The size of the cold-shrinkable cable joint must be made in strict accordance with the drawing instructions, especially when pulling out the support in the reserved pipe, be careful.

Application Notes

1) In order to ensure waterproof and longer operation, it is recommended to use double-wall glued heat-shrinkable sleeves and insulating sleeves.

2) In order to ensure a certain pressure at the joint, it is recommended to add a sheath to strengthen insulation and protection.

3) The self-adhesive tapes (or heat-shrinkable waterproof tapes) used are high-voltage products to ensure insulation safety.

4) During construction, the joints should preferably be staggered and docked (that is, the cables do not need to be neatly cut and docked).

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